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Young woman in wheelchair next to a city street.  Her arm is extended to hail a taxi.  There are two yellow taxis in the background.  She is smiling.

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The Disabilities Network of New York City, through a Community Media Grant from the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), is creating videos to document issues faced by New Yorkers with disabilities. We will:

MNN has provided video production training and video recording and editing equipment. A team of volunteers is assisting with the project. They will gain skills in video production and editing and leave with completed pieces they can use in a portfolio.

Volunteer Seon Nanton edits video footage.  He is seen from the side, sitting in front of a large flat screen monitor, his hand on the mouse.Purpose of Project

The project will illustrate and "humanize" our advocacy issues. Widespread misconceptions about disability prevent the larger public from identifying with their disabled peers. In the irreverent style we've honed through our disTHIS! Film Series, we will use video to overcome these biases.

In addition, the project will provide remote access to our Forums and events. The Disabilities Network's Community Forums are a key part of our advocacy – they promote dialogue and bring important issues to the attention of decision makers. Remote access will allow a greater number of people to participate and is especially important to people who cannot attend due to inaccessible transportation or health problems.

Current Video Products:

The volunteer video team is currently editing footage from two events.

* A dance performance of "GIMP" at the Society for Disability Studies Conference held this summer in New York City. Choreographed by Heidi Latsky, the work features dancers with and without physical disabilities. The acclaimed piece subverts traditional ideas about bodies and dance, while its beauty and artistry ultimately transcend these preconceptions.

A line of women holding lit candles at the vigil for Esmin Green.

* A demonstration and vigil at Kings County Hospital in the wake of the death of Esmin Green, a 49 year-old woman who, ignored by medical staff and guards, died on the floor of the Brooklyn hospital's psychiatric hospital ward. The death was caught on tape and has provoked outrage among people with many kinds of disabilities. The video team documented the vigil and interviewed many attendees.

If you would like to participate in this project, please contact us at info@dnnyc.net or call us @ 212-284-4160.













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