Vol. I, No. 4 : NEWS : Summer, 2003

The DNNYC Newsletter

DNNYC Refunded by United Way of NYC, Building Momentum in Year 2
The Disabilities Network of New York City (DNNYC) submitted a request for renewal of its funding to United Way of NYC in March of this year, and was granted $100,000 again for 2003-2004. The grant is for continued development of "a physical disabilities impact network" representing people with motor & sensory disabilities & service providers to build a citywide coalition that unites to speak with one voice to public policymakers; finding creative solutions for problems affecting the disability community. DNNYC's start-up has been fully funded by United Way of New York City. A development program is currently evolving which will move DNNYC towards independence and sustainability for the long-term.
June 12 Full Membership Meeting Features Deputy Attorney General Daniel Feldman
Join the Network's membership at Fund for the City of New York, 121 Sixth Avenue (between Broome & Watts) 3-5 PM, Thursday, June 12. RSVP at 212-251-4071 or alexander@dnnyc.net.
As always the Disability Budget & Policy Coalition Agenda for 2003-2004 will be discussed; with a focus on priority campaigns for this year:

» Better service on Access-A-Ride;

» Better enforcement of Local Law 58 by Department of Buildings, and assurance that when NYC adopts a model building code, it does not reverse access standards currently in effect in New York;

» Inclusion of Youth with Disabilities in After School Programs & Summer Employment Programs;

» Working with MOPD, the NYC Sports Commission & NYC & Co. to ensure that the City is presenting its best foot forward in the bid to win the contest to be host city for the 2012 Olympic Games (followed by the Paralympics).

» Other issues will be addressed as needs arise: ranging from additional transportation initiatives, to election reform, access to healthcare, education, housing, senior centers, and ensuring that the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan incorporates principles of universal design, etc.
In addition, a guest speaker is scheduled, Deputy Attorney General Daniel Feldman will speak on ways the Network's members and the Attorney General's Office can mobilize to make NYC more accessible in the future.

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Latest Developments In City Hall and Around NYC
» As a cost-saving measure for NYC the Department of Employment will be consolidated into the Division of Small Business Services & the Division of Youth and Community Development. DNNYC members are working to ensure that youth with disabilities are included in the summer youth employment program, and to preserve a Youth Abilities Project, which would help transition youth with disabilities from school to the workforce.

» 900 Taxi Medallions may be in the pipeline over the next three years, adding to NYC's 12,000+ yellowcabs on the streets. Taxis for All Campaign is trying to make policymakers understand the importance of mandating that those be installed on wheelchair accessible taxis. A postcard campaign to Council Speaker Miller & Mayor Bloomberg has begun. Please send cards.

The Largest Minority - WBAI's Radio Show on Disability News & Culture
The Largest Minority, a radio show on WBAI 99.5 FM produced by Phil Beder, former co-owner/operator of Upward Mobility Limousine. The hour-long segment features guests from the disability community, music by artists like Beethoven, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, and commentary by Brendan Costello. The show features news and commentary for commercial-free listener-sponsored radio's progressive mainstream audience. Segments will air on Thursday July 10, Thursday August 14, and Thursday September 11, at 11 AM. Call 212-251-4071 for information.

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Wire Yourself to the Network Via the DNNYC Listserv & Website
The Disabilities Network of New York City listserv is the spot on the Internet where members exchange ideas & post announcements for the community. Join 136 colleagues! Share with us your knowledge and let us know how you would like to see DNNYC develop. Sign up by pointing your browser to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dnnyc. Also visit www.dnnyc.net, our website, for updated information regarding upcoming events, a list of members, membership forms, our positions on the issues, photos, and more...
DNNYC Welcomes Summer Staff - Marking Growth of Organization
Thanks to Susan Scheer, who coordinates Disability Services at Columbia University, this summer DNNYC will benefit from the assistance in the office four days a week from Ansel Lurio, who just finished his freshman year at Columbia. Ansel will be redesigning the Network website, creating a database for DNNYC, and other projects. He can be reached at 212-251-4049 or alurio@uwnyc.org.
DNNYC Adopted By-Laws & Elected an Executive Committee
Around the time of our last Membership Meeting, in March, some members of DNNYC's steering committee met to vote on adoption of by-laws and to elect the organization's executive committee. One of the goals of Year 2 will be to further develop the Network's board. Thanks to all who have been involved in contributing to DNNYC's growth, and to helping to build the organization's membership. We hope you will keep working with us, and that together we will forge a more accessible future for NYC's disability community and its partner organizations.
Disabilities Network of New York City Board of Directors:
Nancy Miller, VISIONS Services for the Blind (Chair)
Paul Feuerstein, Barrier Free Living (Vice Chair)
Sharon Shapiro-Lacks, Center for Independence of the Disabled in NY (Sec'ty)
Leslie Winter, Achilles Track Club (Treasurer)
RoseMarie McCaffery, Guide Dog Users of NYC (Exec)
Keith Muller, Psychotherapist & Certified Sign Language Interpreter (Exec)
Lisa Gesson, Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association
Loreen Loonie, YWCA-NYC, Angela Perez Center for People with Disabilities
Ed McGibbon, Self Help for the Hard of Hearing
Ruth Ellen Simmonds, The Associated Blind
Frieda Zames, Disabled in Action of Metropolitan New York


New York City Disability Budget and Policy Coalition Issue Summary, 2003-2004


Contact Information:
Alexander Wood,
tel: 212-251-4071
email: awood@uwnyc.org
web: www.dnnyc.net

Mailing Address:
Disabilities Network of NYC,
2 Park Avenue, 2nd floor,
NY NY 10016

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