Public Testimony

A Ticket to the Future: Employment for People with Developmental Disabilities (6/26/08)

Message to Treasury: Stop Discriminating Against the Visually Impaired (6/2/08)

Elected Officials Announce Legislative Package to Improve MTA Access for People with Disabilities (5/8/2008)

Fair Housing & People with Disabilities in NYC  (11/28/06)

Help America Vote Act, Voting with Disabilities in the 21st Century  (6/26/06)

The Time is Now for Accessible Taxis in NYC   (5/16/06)

Testimony on the World Trade Center Memorial  (3/29/06)

Task Force on Disability & Committee on Housing (4/30/04)
Human Rights Law in NYC (10/16/03)
Waterborne Transportation Standards (10/1/03)
Testimony Regarding Accessible Ferries in NYC (10/1/03}
HAVA Testimony (4/4/03)
Transportation Budget Priorities (3/20/03)
Disability Budget Priorities (3/19/03)
Testimony at Mayoral Code Commission (2/14/03)
Testimony by Jim Dickson of AAPD’s Disability Vote Project (7/22/02)

Special Report
The New York City Subway System

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