Core Issues for 2004

NYC Disability Budget and Policy Coalition Issue Summary

Mobility | Employment | Housing | Healthcare | Other
Issue Fiscal Impact Individual or Group in Charge
Accessible Liveries and Taxis in NYC Budget Neutral Moakley (EPVA)
Accessible Ferries TBD Gresham (NYLPI)
Curb Ramps $217,000,000.00 Gesson (EPVA)
Access-A-Ride TBD Lucy Birbiglia (QILC)
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Employment for Youth with Disabilities $20,000,000.00 Nancy Miller (VISIONS) 
Employment Mentoring of People with Disabilties TBD Nancy Miller (VISIONS)
Housing Services for Mentally Ill New Yorkers and Homeless Families TBD Jody Silver (Community Access)
Expansion of SCRIE to PWDs TBD Parvati Devi, Frieda Zames (DIA)
Right to Shelter Budget Positive Feuerstein (Barrier Free Living)
Department of Buildings: Update Accessibility Requirements & Enhance Enforcement of NYC Building Codes* Initial Costs of Training + Budget Neutral Wasserman (504 Dems)
Ensuring PWDs Can Live in the Most Integrated Setting Budget Positive Sharon Shapiro-Lacks (CIDNY)
City Wide Registry for Affordable Accessible Housing $500,000.00 MOPD, NYSILC Housing Committee, CIDNY
E-Z Pass to Health Coverage for PWDs TBD Susan Dooha (CIDNY)
Medicaid Personal Care Services Budget Neutral ICS/DIA
EPIC for People with Disabilities Budget Neutral Edith Prentiss (WHICOA/MBIAC)
Mental Health and Hearing Loss TBD Boyle (League for the Hard of Hearing)
Improve and Expand Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Programs (CDPAP) TBD Small (DIA)
Medicare for All Disabilties Budget Neutral Edith Prentiss (WHICOA/MBIAC)
Prepare and Equip Senior Centers to Serve Seniors with Hearing Loss, Visual Impairments, and Physical Disabilties $10,000,000 Boyle (League for the Hard of Hearing)
Program to Remove One-Step Barriers TBD Finkelstein (CCHR) Shore (DIA)
Election Reform: Accessible Polling Sites and Voting Machines $3,385,000.00 Godino (QILC) Boyd (NYLPI)

Underlined issues are the Disabilities Network's Top Priority Issues for 2003 and link to further information. Others listed and unlisted will be addressed as they arise and our attention needs to be focused upon them.