The Disability Agenda for the City of New York, 2007-2008

Mission Statement

The mission of the non-partisan New York City Disability Agenda is to work together to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities and families regarding access to services and improvement of their delivery.

The Disability Agenda focuses on cross-disability issues that foster greater community integration, promote consumer control and choice and empower people of all ages and disabilities to realize their dreams of inclusion and independence. We seek enactment of legislative and budgetary initiatives to support and advance these goals.

The Disability Agenda promotes issues that are:
- Cross-disability.
- Reflective of consumer control and choice.
- Integrating and inclusive for people of all ages and disabilities into all aspects of our communities.

The coalition will not specifically promote the operating budgets of coalition members or other nongovernmental agencies/organizations.

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the New York City Disability Agenda is to:

» Achieve fiscal equality for disability-related programs and issues in the New York City budget.

» Integrate people with disabilities into their communities.

» Actively promote equality and equal opportunity for people of all ages and disabilities.

» Present a unified front of coalition members on a variety of disability-related issues.

» Develop citywide policies that embrace the ideals and provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the New York City Human Rights Law and other civil rights legislation.

The Disability Agenda 2007-2008 is a project of the Disabilities Network of NYC and its members who have signed on in support of the issues raised in this document.

Thanks to all who contributed to writing and editing the position papers contained herein: Marvin Wasserman (504 Democratic Club); Doris Seligman (Disabilities Network Transportation Chair); Thomas K. Small, Esq. (Disabilities Network Housing Chair); Lawrence Carter-Long (Disabilities Network); Dennis R. Boyd, Esq. (New York Lawyers for the Public Interest); Anne M. Davis, Esq. (National Multiple Sclerosis Society);Amy Boyle (League for the Hard of Hearing); Lucy Birbiglia, Mike Godino (Queens Independent Living Center); Edith Prentiss (Disable in Action).

To read transcripts of the Town Hall Meeting (Jan. 10, 2007), or the Employment Workshop of Feb. 21, 2007, please click on the links.

View the entire report (2004-2005 Agenda)

Disability Budget Agenda
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