Core Issues for 2004

Access-A-Ride Action Plan

The membership of DNNYC has chosen Access-A-Ride as one of its priority issue campaigns for the year.  Access-A-Ride is a very specific topic, since it focuses exclusively on paratransit. 
The choice of Access-A-Ride in no way implies that paratransit is the only mode of transportation used by New Yorkers with disabilities.  Other modes of transportation include buses, subways, commuter trains, ferries, taxis, cars, and, of course, walking and wheeling.  There are access issues relevant to all these forms of transportation. 
It is hoped that, in the upcoming years, DNNYC can focus on each type of transportation. 
We're starting with Access-a-Ride because the problems are so pervasive.  Also, our timing seems excellent with the recent publicity and the creation of MTA New York City Transit’s Paratransit Advisory Committee. 

Let's find solutions; we all know the problems! 

Lucy Birbiglia
Executive Director, Queens Independent Living Center
Chair, Access-A-Ride Subcommittee of DNNYC’s Policy Action Committee

What you can do
Proposed Action Steps Towards Advocating for Improved Service Delivery of Access-A-Ride

1. Please contribute your ideas to this web page. Contact me at or call me at 718-658-2526

2. Collaborate with and network with PAC on issues to maximize effectiveness of disability community’s advocacy (strength in unity).

3. Keep DNNYC members informed regarding AAR issues as they arise.

4. Develop public action plan to solve current problems inherent in AAR service delivery.

5. Advocate for equality in AAR relative to mainstream MTA NYCT service, moving towards reasonable accommodation in all modes of transportation, not a system of separate and therefore NOT equal.

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