At the meeting of the Transportation Committee on Feb. 15, 2007, Doris Seligman shared her notes from Meeting #1 (held the previous week).

These are the issues our members brought to the table at the outset of the process; and here is a proposed intro to this year's Disability Policy Agenda.

Attached is the Transportation segment of the Disability Policy Agenda, FY 2008.  Thanks to all who helped develop these talking points, and particularly to Doris Seligman, the chair of the Transportation Committee, and to its members:

Lev Brudnoy

Lawrence Carter-Long

Anne Emerman

Lunetha Lancaster

Jesse Lore

Adam Payne

Edith Prentiss

Raphael Rivas

Robert Schoenfeld

Doris Seligman

Thomas K. Small

Geoff Stephens

Ken Stewart

Marvin Wasserman

Alexander Wood