The Disability Policy Agenda, FY 2008 Housing advocacy has centered around the roll-out this year of 22,000 Section 8 vouchers by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). These will be made available to the public this year and next year, and applications were to have been submitted by mid-May. At the Feb. 28, 2007 launch of the Housing Committee's work we had a special guest from the NYCHA Board, Margarita Lopez, and at the meeting we resolved that we would write NYCHA Board Chair a letter and ask that he and the entire NYCHA Board meet with Disabilities Network of NYC members. The letter is accessible via this link, and it was accompanied by this excellent letter from HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, directing Public Authoriies around the U.S. to work towards a Money Follows the Person Community Re-Balancing Initiative. It has taken a long time, but on Mon. Jun. 25 several of us are meeting with Doug Apple (General Manager, NYCHA) and Margarita Lopez of the NYCHA Board. Our agenda is to talk about the several points we brought up in the letter.

For questions on our progress, please call Thomas K. Small, chair of the Disabilities Network of NYC's Housing Committee at 718-875-1907.

Notes from June 25, 2007 meetiong at NYCHA with Margarita Lopez (board member) and Doug Apple (General Manager) are accessible via this link.