At the Feb. 14 workshop on How the Proposed Building Code Changes Affect People with Disabilities and Seniors, facilitated by Dennis R. Boyd, Esq. and Anne M. Davis, Esq. the following documents were shared by those in attendance. We provide them for you here as a reference, so that you can learn more about the scope of the project.

Chapter 11: Accessibility (including proposed NYC amendments)

Chapter 11: Accessibility (Section-by-Section Analysis of proposed building code, from DOB website

Priorities for Changes to the Current Draft Code (Feb. 2007)

Appendix E

Appendix P

In preparation for a June 13, 2007 hearing in the NYC Council Dennis Boyd prepared the document accessible via this link, summarizing the 29 Priority Issue Areas of concern to us, regarding the proposed changes to the model code in NYC, in regard to their effect on access for people with disabilities.

At the June 13, 2007 hearing before the NYC Council Committee on Housing & Buildings, the testimony attached to this link was presented on behalf of the Disabilities Network of NYC and its members. Other testimony was presented by Anne M. Davis, Esq., Anne Emerman, Roger Sanjek, & Matt Shotkin. We will post their testimony as it becomes available.

There will be a second hearing in the NYC Council on the proposed model code for NYC on Wed. June 20. More info to follow, or visit