Photo of a young, female wheelchair user on a busy Manhattan steet.  She has her arm extended to hail a taxi.  Numerous taxis are seen in the background, having just driven past her.

Help a New Yorker catch a cab!  Support our campaign for accessible taxis here.

The Disabilities Network needs YOUR help to act on exciting new opportunities to win equality for New Yorkers with disabilities.

For years, the disability community has pressed to get more accessible taxis & liveries on the road.  And we're getting somewhere!  The City recently sold dozens of medallions for accessible taxis. 

But there's still work to be done.  Even with the new cars, fewer than 2% of NYC's 13,000 "street hail" cabs will be accessible to wheelchair/scooter users! 

How about "induction loops," equipment that lets hard-of-hearing riders hear the driver?  The City recently agreed to put loops in a small number of cabs - a good step, but still a fraction of the fleet.

But this can change!  Consider:

•  The Mayor has mandated that ALL taxis be hybrid by 2012.  Why not make them accessible, too?

•  London's "black cabs" are wheelchair accessible AND have loops.

•  Other cities, from Montreal to Berkeley to Las Vegas, offer better accessible taxi or livery service than NYC. 

is the time for fair, achievable policies for integrated, accessible transportation.
   And YOU can make it happen!  How?

Support our Forums on Accessible Transportation - a Five-Borough Series!

In Fall 2008, we'll hold unprecedented public forums on this issue in EVERY borough.  The community, taxi industry and lawmakers will come together to find REAL solutions to the lack of accessible taxis/liveries. ALL stakeholders will have their say.

But to make these landmark forums a reality, we need 400 people to give $10 each.  The $4000 will cover sign language, captioning - essential services if New Yorkers with disabilities are to take part.

***Ten dollars - the cost of a cab from Grand Central to the Lower East Side!***

Be one of the 400!  Just click here.

Under "Donation Amount," select "Other."  Enter $10 OR the amount of your choice.

Or mail a check payable to "Fund for the City of New York/DNNYC" to the Disabilities Network, 548 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012, Attn: R. Hinde.  





Every dollar counts.
Please give what you can.

If you've been waiting for the right time to donate, that time is NOW! Just 400 people giving $10 will make it happen.  Again, to make a difference, click here.

I hope you'll consider giving for this important project.  Thank you for your generous support!

Thank you to intern/model Alejandra Ospina for all her help on this project!